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You guys, I am so excited (and stunned) to announce that Accelerate The Jesus Movement has reached 100 followers! It seems like only yesterday when I was working so hard to get 30 followers to be a part of a blogging program and now you’ve exceeded all of my expectations!

As a huge thank you to all of you, from my very first follower to my most recent, I want to partner up with Literature Approved and host a giveaway. How this will work, is I will have 3 winners who can choose any book that has been reviewed on Literature Approved* and I will purchase a brand new copy and send it to them!

*And this does include upcoming reviews.

Further Giveaway Instructions:

Number of winners: 3

Prizes: All three winners may choose (one) book listed on any of the genre pages of Literature Approved (whether approved or disapproved…

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Book Lamp Review and Giveaway

Hey, check out this post for a chance to win your very own cool lampy thingy. Or even a miniaturized version of such.

Literature Approved

I usually don’t accept products other than books for review because I want this site to remain an only book reviewing site, however every reader needs a good book lamp, and today I am reviewing and giving away two awesome book lamps!

First and foremost, I received both of these products free for the purpose of this review and was not required to write a positive review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

The giveaway instructions are after the reviews of the lamps.

Color Spectrum LED Desk Lamp with USB



The Color Spectrum LED Desk Lamp with USB is the next step in our color changing family. The sleek, streamlined base glows in the color of your choice. Select whatever color you’d prefer to see on the base by using the touch activated controls. Or if you’re in the mood, have the color cycle through the 256-color…

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Halloween, why its wrong.

First, I am not going to tell you that you shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. I am not going to condemn you for celebrating this “holiday” and I wont tell you that you should start hating it. Though I AM going to show you that Halloween is about more than dressing up and getting candy, how it is incompatible with the Christian faith and the relation it has to Satanism. In the end though, you are going to decide what you celebrate in your home. My goal is not to personally assault you and your beliefs but to make sure you know what exactly it is that your celebrating.


My family does not support Halloween, nor anything of the same nature, be it “fall festival” or otherwise. Why you ask? What is the harm in dressing up and getting candy? What’s wrong with carving pumpkins or scaring little children? (Because I know everyone wants an excuse to watch a kid pee their pants and scream like a girl) But really, let’s take a look at the History.

Many trace Halloween’s roots to the Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated from 31 October to 1 November. For the Druids, Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the commencement of winter. Winter was considered to be the darker part of the year, and Samhain was consequently considered the time in the year in which evil spirits could more easily enter the human world. The souls of dead relatives were generally invited to visit their family homes, but there was also great fear of malevolent spirits entering homes, and so certain practices were established in order to ward off these spirits. Bonfires, for example, were thought to have cleansing and protective properties and so were lit and sometimes used in divination rituals. [1]

Another tradition is the druidic belief that during the night of November 1, demons, witches, and evil spirits freely roamed the earth with joy to greet the arrival of “their season” – the long nights and early dark of the winter months. The demons had their fun with poor mortals that night, frightening, harming, and even playing all kinds of mean tricks on them. The only way,(apart from God) it seemed, for scared humans to escape the persecution of the demons was to offer them things they liked, especially fancy foods and sweets. Or, in order to escape the fury of these horrible creatures, a human could disguise himself as one of them and join in their roaming. In this way they would recognize the human as a demon or witch and the human would not be bothered that night.  Samhain remained popular until St. Patrick and other Christian missionaries arrived in the area. As the population began to convert to Christianity the holiday began to lose its popularity. However, instead of eradicating pagan practices such as “Halloween” or Samhain, the church instead used these holidays with a Christian twist to bring paganism and Christianity together, making it easier for local populations to convert to the state religion. [2]

So in summary, Halloween is the celebration of the dead and worship of evil spirits by way of offering the finest foods and fruit and disguising ones self as a servant of Satan. The christian church, rather than obeying God and abandoning all pagan practices, they adopted them, making excuses that they could “use it for God’s glory” and “as long as that is not where their heart is they were not worshiping the Devil.” In the words of Pennie De Witt;

Can I do pagan things if I just don’t think of them as pagan?

What if I dance naked around the fire for Jesus instead of for Hecate?

What if I get a new deck of Tarot cards, assign each of them a Bible story, and use them to get closer to God?

Why don’t I redeem orgies and abortion for Christ while I’m at it?

For that matter, why don’t I just open back up for business as a psychic and dedicate it to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

Isn’t it okay to do house cleansings with a rattle? Well, how about if I ditch the rattle and just wear the mask? Would it be better if I put a smile on the mask? And how about, while I’m wearing the mask I go reveling with my friends, but only for candy? How about if I just make a Talisman and put a cute, innocent, funny-face on it?
Of course I would never do such things!

It doesn’t matter if you change your intentions. If you read the Bible you’ll see, as I have, that the one thing that always ticked God off the most was when His people adopted the customs of the pagans. It was an abomination to Him.
He is the same yesterday, today and always. And it still angers Him today when we adopt pagan customs, even if we try to do them “with different intentions,” and “redeem them for Christ.”

So lets take a look at Pennie’s testimony.

Written Halloween, 2009…

Hi. My name is Pennie De Witt and I’m a recovering occultist. A former slave to Satan.

I spent 26 years in the occult. I started out with Wicca as an adolescent, and throughout the years moved on to every corner of alternative spirituality that I could find – Shamanism, New Thought, Rosicrucianism, Eastern Mysticism – you name it. At age 24 I became a professional psychic. I spent fifteen years serving Satan this way. I made a lot of money, got my own radio show and developed a world-wide following. I thought I was on top of the world.

Slowly, my world started falling apart. Before it was over, I was being evicted from my home, and my daughter was writhing on the floor, growling, hissing and clawing at the carpet on a daily basis. I sought answers. I tried all my techniques. I reached out to others and, eventually, I started praying. I told God that if He didn’t give me some answers soon, I was going to kill myself so I could stand before Him and get them myself.

Then one morning I was hiking behind my house, and I noticed something moving next to my shoe. I took a couple steps past it and turned around. It was a rattler, coiled, and ready to strike. I looked around and realized I was alone on that mountain. If I got bitten, I could definitely die. Suddenly, as I stood frozen in front of that snake, it was like the sky opened up, and I saw the King of the Universe sitting on His throne. And for the first time in my life I feared Him. He was so perfect. I thought, “I could never measure up to that perfection. No matter how perfect I made myself, I could never come close to that.” His purity was like a clean fire. It would burn me up in an instant. That’s when I started thinking, “Maybe those Christians have a good idea with that redemption thing.”

So, you know what I did after that? I went home and did the only thing I knew to do. I looked up “snake” in my power animal dictionaries. In dictionary after dictionary, the message rang loud and clear: “Give yourself over to transformation, let the old die so that the new may be reborn, let go, new life, new spiritual path…” It would have been almost spooky if it hadn’t been so precious. He met me right where I was, and he spoke to me in MY language. I wouldn’t have listened to anything else. I knew those terms, “reborn,” and “new life.” I knew those were from the Bible. I wondered if perhaps the Christians could help me, so I went to church and started investigating Christianity. It took several months of reading and studying, seeking answers to my questions and facing my fears.
Finally, as I sat on my bed one night, reading “The Case for Faith” by Lee Strobel, it finally hit me! That twisted, tortured figure on the cross was there out of compassion for ME! Jesus died for ME! God cared about me so much that He came to this planet in human form and did this for ME. He saw me, He knew me, He understood my pain and my suffering. He felt it, and He wanted to carry it for me. My whole life culminated in this one moment, and I could see that it had all happened for a reason, that God had been pursuing me through it all. I mattered. I curled up in a little ball and just sobbed. I was ready to give it all up to Him and let Him take care of me.

That Sunday, Sept 9th, 2007, I got saved. I admitted I was wrong, that I had disobeyed God. I renounced all my occult practices and was set free. The following Saturday I burned all my occult books and paraphernalia, and eleven decks of Tarot cards, per Acts 19:19-20. Sunday, Sept 16, 2007, I was baptized.

A few weeks later, my sister got saved and left prostitution and the porn industry. I sit here watching some of my loved ones turn away from the occult, and yet I see many others still entrapped – people dying in sweat lodges, for example. And then I see the very people who threw me the lifeline now turning toward what nearly destroyed me.

So after reading Pennie’s story, I hope you recognize the connection between Satan and Halloween. Still we ask the million dollar question. Is it that important? To answer that question you have to ask yourself another question; how important is your faith to you? Do we have to obey ALL of Gods commands or is it okay to tiptoe around some of them?

Jeremiah 7:23 says, “But this is what I commanded them, saying, ‘Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you will be My people; and you will walk in all the way which I command you, that it may be well with you.’

There are millions of examples of where Christians have ‘beat around the bush’ on the matter of Halloween. “We use it to draw in unbelievers so that we can witness to them”. Don’t you think it would be more logical to witness to them when you’re not dressed up as a zombie worshiping the Devil himself?

Exodus 20:16 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” 

“That’s not what Halloween is anymore that’s just history.” My friend, history is simply the story of how things begin. And what begins as a worship practice continues to be a form of worship, whether you know it or not.

Deuteronomy 12:4; “Do not worship the LORD your God in the way these pagan peoples worship their gods.”

The truth is hard to swallow sometimes. But the facts are there, in the bible, all you have to do is take the time to study it. I hope to have a awakened a spark in you. Halloween is wrong. It completely opposes Christ and most people just do it because their friends are doing it. But I beg of you, pay attention! Make sure that you know what your doing. Be a true rebel and go against the crowd. Do what you know that Christ would do, and He will walk with you.


[1] Hstry of hllwn, prt 1[2] Hstry of hllwn prt 2,

Abstracting walls

Hello to my little blogger family! I’m sure you like how I say I’m going to get back into blogging only to fall off the face of the earth again. I’ve gotta say I’m quite good at that. However it is slightly unfair to you readers who, as I know, just can’t help but love me. And being thus I believe I owe you an explanation. You see, I have been officially diagnosed (by me) with a condition called Scriptoris Obstructionum, or better known as, Writers block

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a “creativity” slowdown. (which is why I am copying and pasting…) The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. Throughout history, writer’s block has been a documented problem. Professionals who have struggled with the affliction include authors F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joseph Mitchell, Jay Betts, and pop culture cartoonist Charles M. Shultz. Research concerning this topic was done in the late 1970s and 1980s. During this time, researchers were influenced by the Process and Post-Process movements, and therefore focused specifically on the writer’s processes. The condition was first described in 1947 by psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler.

Thank you Wikipedia. And now back to yours truly here at Sketching My Thoughts. In case you didn’t gather from the above article, writers block is just the name we give to that really, REALLY annoying condition when you have absolutely no idea what to write. Such is my diagnosis, however the severity of my case is still indiscernible.

Let me put things into perspective for you, my mind is so void of inspiration that I just wrote a post about writers bock and how I can think of nothing to post about. For lack of a better ending to my totally abstract post;

The End.

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Thank you so much Rayleigh for nominating me for this award!

sisterhood of bloggers

And to my readers; I strongly encourage you to go check out her blog, Accelerate The Jesus Movement here. She is my inspiration and mentor in many, many things… and not to mention the best older sister in the world. 🙂

So to the rules;

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.

2. Put the award logo on your blog.

3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.

4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Nominate ten blogs other bloggers.

With steps one and two completed I give you The Questions:

1. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?

Well, I am 16 and I still do not have my own phone. 😦 lol

2. Dr. Pepper or Coke?

Definitely Coke.

3. Do you prefer going to the lake or going to a public pool?

Going to the lake. I cant touch the bottom and there is so much more space!

4. Tent camping of living it up in an RV?

Hmm, i  like the idea of tent camping over RV… but because my dad is so strongly opposed to it i have never been.

5. Have you ever been mesmerized by fire? To the point that you studied it for hours

Yes! And fairly often, that mesmerization comes to an abrupt halt however when I get that urge to touch it.

6. Real lemonade or pink?

The “real” stuff.

7. How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?

A single pair given to me by my brother.

8. Flip flops of barefoot?

Barefoot. I strongly oppose anything that makes my toes squish together and my feet sweat.

9. Are you reading on the beach (or by the pool) or are you in the water?

At this point I see myself floating on my back recovering from what was supposed to be a dive in perfect formation but turned to be something between a sideways lunge and the splits mid-air and upside down.

10. which color is more summery to you: bright pink or bright orange? (both is not an option!) 

Well being as both is not allowed… I’d say pink. But honestly folks the most summery color there is is yellow

Ok, so. There are the answers to the questions asked to me. And I present to you… well, my questions to the nominees.

What is your favorite vacation spot and or activity?

Pizza or burgers?

Inside snuggled up by the fire or outside having the craziest snow war of your life? (not that we get a lot of snow here in Texas)

What color do you say this is?


If you could go anywhere in the world, what place would you visit first?

Riddles or crosswords?

If you got a puppy what kind?

If you could steal any celebrity’s singing voice (pause for an evil chuckle) who would be the victim?

If you could pick a book to be made into a movie, what book would you chose and who would star in it?

Whats your favorite way to spend a Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon?

Pretty good questions right? (yeah i though so too.) So now the moment i know you’ve all been waiting so patiently for;

The Nominees:

I hereby nominate:

Marleigh at One Girl, One God, Perfection!

Gillian at Of Battles, Dragons and Swords of Adamant

Rissi at On The Bookshelf

and because i am a miserable terrible blogger i can think of no one else i know that has not already been nominated… so if you read this and you have a blog your nominated too.


To my nominees; I sincerely hope you enjoy this award! have fun and for goodness sake tell the truth! 😉 lol.

God bless every reader of this blog, have an amazing rest-of-the-week and thanks again to Ray.

Remember me?

Hey everybody! I know it’s been a long time…. Like a really long time…. But I’m ready to kick this blog back in gear! A lot has happened since I posted last. Now, where to start…… I guess I could tell you about me. Well, for one I’m 16 now, wow I know right? You never would have guessed it. See here’s me;

(I wish I could wave through the camera)
I am still very much a ‘when-I-have-the-spare-time’ artist and my passion for music is ever growing. Oh! And an avid reader of anything suspense, dystopian, or a book my sister says I will like. My favorite books are Cloak of the Light and Rise of the Fallen from the Wars of the Realm series by Chuck Black. You should read them. Unless you are under 13 or so, then I would wait a little longer. But yeah adults included, you should read them.

When I was younger I used to try and look for a theme to my art, something that made it stand out, something to make it unique. But I soon learned that that uniqueness comes from doing what you love the way you love to do it. I learned that God made me unique from all other people and in that the things I do are uniquely mine. So I don’t really have a consistent theme to my art, I draw what I see and what I love and what I feel. Oftentimes I meet for the first time whatever it is that shows up under my pencil, like this girl;

Other times I copy,

Like Mickey Mouse.
If you want to see more of my latest masterpieces (or more accurately fine sketches) check out MY SKETCHBOOK in the top of this page, below the headline.
As much as I love to draw, music is by far my favorite hobby. Whether I am listening to my favorite songs, practicing my piano playing skills for Monday night worship practice at church, or simply singing while I do homework, music is the heartbeat of my little world. And daily I thank my God for it. Unfortunately other than the songs we play for worship at my church, I have added little to my personal songbook. That is, concert pieces and other songs that I feel like learning. Although Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire is a pretty good addition if I do say so myself.

So, what else is new in my life?….. Well, other than I am FINALLY watching the Jurassic Park series (I know right? Took me long enough 😂 You don’t know confusion until you step into a conversation about a movie that everyone but you has seen.) I’ll have to think on that. So until next time! Though hopefully I won’t have to travel so far to find the next ‘Next Time’. Have a fantastic fourth everybody!


Photo credit; Picture of me was taken by Lexie Gray (who happens to be my fantabulous little sis), art pictures were taken by me, and the Fourth of July picture I saved off of Google.

2014 in the life of my family.

They say that how you leave one place in your life is how you enter the next phase that God has for you. I believe this is true in so many ways! So to both remember 2014 as an awesome year and God-given phase in my life and also to enter 2015 with a fresh start and high expectations, I would like to recap my year in pictures to you. So, I give you 2014 in the life of my family.


P.S. I would advise you to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee. It might take me awhile! But please, enjoy!

 We consider ourselves Life-schooled rather than home-schooled. Living in a larger family is an adventure, everyone has different interests and because of the age differences we’re all working on different levels but at the same time we’re working together as a family. So these are some of my favorite “school” pictures.






Working on the interior of her car with Papa.


Family fun and Life on our little farm. (These are the best pictures!)

image(35) image(34) image(33) image(32) image(24) image(23) image(15)image(9) image(8)

FullSizeRender(2)image(4) image(12) image(18) image(26) image(31)

So there is a sneak peek into my family’s year!