A Sketch of Me!

Hello everyone! My name is MaKenzie Gray, I am 14 years old and as the name of this blog implies, I love to sketch!…and draw… and paint! But those are not my only hobbies/talents, I play piano and guitar by ear, I can’t read music.                                                                                                                                  I’m surrounded by a wonderful family; 5 siblings, ages ranging from 16months to15 years, and two parents, I wont go into their ages. All of which I love with all my heart. I’m the second child, my older sister, Rayleigh, also has a blog, acceleratethejesusmovement.wordpress.com. She is a great writer and I encourage you to check it out.                                                                                                                    I forgot to mention that I love the Lord, I believe that I am living the life he gave me to the fullest, or as it says in Genesis, living to the hilt! I hope to exclaim His greatness through my sketches and artwork. I also love to write fictional short stories and hope to post some of these, Enjoy my blog!

MaKenzie G.


2 thoughts on “A Sketch of Me!

  1. Welcome to the blogging circle sis! I can’t wait to watch you figure out what things you like to post about best and to read your heart through your “sketchings”. If you ever need any tips on blogging you know where to find me! 😉 Excellent opening post by the way!

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