Finding an Undiscovered Planet

           I wrote this short story a few years ago, halfway because I was bored and halfway a school assignment. Actually, it was a second grade writing prompt that my brother was doing. It’s kinda long so sit back and enjoy!

            It was a normal Friday afternoon and I had just gotten home from school. As I dropped my backpack on the floor of my bedroom and sank onto my pillow with my book in my hand, I heard a knock on the door. The next instant my little brother came charging into the room talking all about the moon and what he had learned about it that day. When he finished I asked him if he wanted to look at it with me through my new telescope after dinner. I had barely gotten the words out before he had accepted my offer and ran to go tell his teddy bear the good news.                                                                                                                                                                                                 After dinner as we were walking through the yard to the pasture, my brother was so excited that he insisted on carrying the telescope, shoving his teddy bear into my hands. It was a perfectly clear night. When we got to the pasture my brother was inn such a hurry to look at the moon that he forgot to take the cap off the end. When the telescope was finally set and he looked through it, he took one look and let out a small scream.                                                                                                                                            When I asked him what was wrong he just replied, “Nothin’, I just didn’t think the moon would be blue and purple. I thought it was white!” I was speechless. The moon wasn’t blue and purple, what was he looking at? When I didn’t reply he turned and looked at me, seeing the disbelief (and possibly confusion) on my face he said, ” here! You look!” handing me the telescope. As I silently lifted it to my eye I gasped, he was right! There, in the sky was a purple and blue planet surrounded by pink gasses. I looked at my brother, who was trying to see it without the telescope, and then back to the planet. ” I know for a fact that the moon looks white through a telescope squirt, I’m not sure what that is.” “Maybe we found an undiscovered planet!” He said with so much enthusiasm that I had the urge to laugh.                      I lifted the telescope again, focusing it to where we could see more clearly. Right then I realized what we had seen. I started laughing and then seeing the look on my brothers face made me laugh all the harder. “What are you laughing at?!” my little brother demanded. I handed him the telescope trying to catch my breath. As he lifted his gaze to the planet and focused the telescope he to began to laugh. In all his excitement to see the moon he had grabbed his kaleidoscope instead!

NOTE: This story is completely fictional


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