The More the Merrier

  Okay sit down and relax. I’m going to introduce my family…it may take a bit longer than the average family member to get them all in but if you ask me; The more the merrier!!!

photo (1)

First on the list is my older sister Rayleigh. (This pic is a few years behind but it is one of my favorites!) Some of you might know her from her blog, Accelerate The Jesus Movement. She is my only older sister and for that I’m thankful, I love her very much but one is about all I can handle!!! She is awesome though. Below we have Rayleigh’s “wonderful” (yet only slight annoying) black lab; Annie. This is her baby, Rayleigh has even gone so far as painting her toenails. She is a very good dog when it comes to getting moles though, we have had far less live ones in the yard… instead they turn up on the doorstep.


Next is my beautiful younger sister Lexie.


Lexie and Gavin

Lexie is the family animal whisperer, she spends most of her spare time outside. I think lizards are her specialty… her record is nine lizards in one tank (in the house) four of which she had hatched from an egg. Lexie is one of the most creative people I know, she has made everything from tree sap glue to a bird house (not your average bird house, we call it a hotel!)


This is my wonderful brother. If I could describe him in one word I would say caring…or maybe sensitive,.. loving, handsome? SWEET! Thats it!…No, cool… (that’s what boys like to be called right?) Well I’m stuck so lets move on.


Here’s the life of the party, Maggie. She is indescribable but I’ll try anyway. I’d say she is a good mix of tomboy and all girl, cowgirl and princess. She would have a tea party in torn jeans and a messy ponytail one minute but if she plays dress up it’s all out; hair and all! (The sun is in her eyes)


Maggie is the kind of person that brightens everyone’s day, whether it’s from talking to them or just walking down the isle of the grocery store laughing hysterically about I don’t what! (True story!)


This is the newest addition to our family; Gavin. He loves Veggie Tales, music (particularly Low Rider and Cupid Shuffle!) and he absolutely LOVES to go outside!! If you get him laughing he will never stop… until you take away his blanket that is. 🙂 He loves to dance too, I’ve never seen a one year old that concentrates so hard on dancing like he does.


Meet the two most important people in my life; my Mom and Dad. (And well you’ve already met Gavin :-D) My Dad always makes time for his family, whether it’s playing games or working as a family he has always been there for us. . Together my parents are raising three teens, a preteen, a seven year old and a toddler.

As for my Mom, I’m convinced that she has super powers, in the midst of staying home and homeschooling us, she has to. Thats the only explanation I can think of as to how everything stays in order! And all the while they maintain a patience and love that I can’t understand, outside of their faith in our Lord.


This is Cocoa, our beautiful 10year old mare. She is sweet but still a little spirited. It doesn’t bother Gavin though, he loves the horses and dogs.


And Hazelnut. This is my baby, 16 year old miniature horse. Although I’m sure that if you let her, she’s be a lap dog.(Might be kinda painful though) I have trained both of the horses to come to my whistle (which I think is pretty cool). Hazelnut is our adventurous pony. She has been all over town, even to the school not far from our house! Apparently some boys had her trapped in the baseball field until school started and they had to go.


Last but not least, we have Beckham. When he was younger he played soccer, (thus named after David Beckham) he was an awesome goalie. He’s getting old now but he still tries to get at the ball every now and then when we are playing with Annie.

We also have 17 chickens, and up ’til now two rabbits, and a cockatiel named Huck.

cable_2010_08_21_9999_18311 copy

cable_2010_08_21_9999_1945 copy

Altogether we are one BIG happy family!


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