My siblings

Okay so my sister Lexie has become interested in photography and decided to have a photo shoot, she’s quite good too! So I decided to post some of them, enjoy!

First up we have Rayleigh, who is so fun! Love these!!!

photo 3(5) photo 2(7) photo 1(9)

Then we have me… (Please note that I am no expert with a guitar…… yet. :-D)

photo 5(6)  photo 4(8)

Next, there is Garett. I LOVE these!! He Looks so old and cute!

photo 4(2) photo 3(2) photo 1(3)

Last but not least she took these of Maggie

 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5

Then after taking all these pictures of us, Rayleigh and I decided to take some of Lexie

photo 4(7) photo 1(11) photo 5(5) photo 3(10)

And then of coarse there is Gavin, because it is practically impossible to get him to sit still long enough to get a good picture, let alone a photo shoot, here are some split second pics we have captured around the house.

photo 1(14)

Captured By Lexie

photo 2(11)

Captured by Yours Truly

Hope you enjoyed!


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