My Newest Art Venture

If you don’t know me, I am the kind of person that loves to try new things. I am always trying my hand at something I’ve never done before.Recently I have gotten into photography (not professionally, but with my Ipod). Well eventually I needed something new to do with those pictures, so using a pic collage app called PicsArt I started playing around with different things,

photo 5(8)

It started with this, and then Rayleigh (my older sister) asked if I could to something like that for her blog. Sooooooo, I made these. The flower pictures were taken by me but the violin came from Google.

photo(1)      photo 1(15)

So, here are my newest gallery additions……

This one was actually a screen shot of the Bible app on my iPod.

photo 2(13)

photo 1(20)

The boat picture was from a wallpaper app. The boy in the sky is my brother Gavin.

  photo 1(21)

photo 3(17)

photo 4(12)

Now, the next two are actually two of my drawings (which you can see on the “My Sketch Book” page under the title).

photo 3(16)

photo 2(14)

photo 4(13)

I did this one with the help of my cousin Payton.

So there you have it, my newest art venture. I hope you enjoyed them!


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