2014 in the life of my family.

They say that how you leave one place in your life is how you enter the next phase that God has for you. I believe this is true in so many ways! So to both remember 2014 as an awesome year and God-given phase in my life and also to enter 2015 with a fresh start and high expectations, I would like to recap my year in pictures to you. So, I give you 2014 in the life of my family.


P.S. I would advise you to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee. It might take me awhile! But please, enjoy!

 We consider ourselves Life-schooled rather than home-schooled. Living in a larger family is an adventure, everyone has different interests and because of the age differences we’re all working on different levels but at the same time we’re working together as a family. So these are some of my favorite “school” pictures.






Working on the interior of her car with Papa.


Family fun and Life on our little farm. (These are the best pictures!)

image(35) image(34) image(33) image(32) image(24) image(23) image(15)image(9) image(8)

FullSizeRender(2)image(4) image(12) image(18) image(26) image(31)

So there is a sneak peek into my family’s year!


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